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Read the story of Shelly Marshall and her daughter in "In Recovery Magazine." The Parental Blame Game or download the PDF version.

The 5th edition is finally out and takes over where tough love left off. We make your choices clearer than ever. You are your child's best hope of staying sober and here's why.


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Questions about drug treatment?

Putting a young person in drug treatment and rehab or detox is never easy. However,  if you understand certain principles, it will help. Go to our parent site, Day By Day to read the paper about mutligenerational  treatment and how that can help you make better choices for your child

How this workbook will help you with your teen

Of course we want our children to stop drinking and abusing drugs.  Sober Coaching the Toxic Teen will help jump-start the process with research-based interventions using the Teaching-Family Model principles of developing empathy, boundaries, taking responsibility, and recognizing thinking errors. This comprehensive resource provides a better understanding of a family member’s addiction so that we can chart an informed course of action.


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