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Of course we want our children to stop drinking and abusing drugs. The Sober Coaching You Teen workbook will jump-start the process with research-based interventions using the Teaching-Family Model principles of developing empathy, boundaries, taking responsibility, and recognizing thinking errors. This comprehensive resource provides a better understanding of a family member's addiction so that we can chart an informed course of action.

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Questions About Treatment?

Putting a young person in drug treatment and rehab or detox is never easy. However, if you understand certain principles, it helps with sound decision making. Read this paper about mutligenerational treatment to help you make better choices: Changing Assumptions in Treating Adolescents

Here's another resource in addition to Sober Coaching Your Teen--it's volunteer parental coaches! Ask A Parent Coach is a service offered by the Partnership for Drug Free Kids. Read about it on the blog first and see if it's a fit for you.

Start a Parental Support Group

Training the parent, yourself, to sober coach is actually a new concept in parental support for parents seeking help with their kids. You are NOT SICK and in need of treatment just because your son or daughter has made some really bad choices. You need facts about addiction, facts about what works for young people seeking recovery, and facts about what you should and should not do if you really want to help.

How to start a support Group This is from our workbook and Facilitator Guide.

Winning the Fight We are an education based organization. We do constant research in the drug, addiction, and medical fields and then give you a quick version of it. We are not professionals, just caring parent's who have lost their son and want to help others. If you have greater issues, please seek a professional.

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About the Authors

Michael J. Marshall PhD

Michael J. Marshall is a Professor of Psychology at West Liberty University and a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. Dr. Marshall is the author of a dozen scholarly research articles published in journals ranging from the International Journal of Addictions to The Journal of Psychological Practice. He has considerable clinical experience working with parolees, substance abusers, and patients with psychotic and emotional disorders. He often testifies as an expert witness in civil commitment proceedings. In addition to lecturing and seeing patients, he conducts Continuing Education workshops for mental health professionals and does research on addictions and family discipline practices.

Shelly Marshall, BS CSAC

Shelly is a Hazelden author, certified counselor, workshop leader and researcher. Her self- help books are based on personal life lessons and considerable experience in working with others. Her Hazelden books include the still popular Day By Day and Young, Sober, & FREE.

Writing about recovery and working with parents is from personal experience. "I was a teenage alcoholic and addict and my mother brought me to recovery." says Shelly, "After college, I found my daughter to be in trouble with drugs and alcohol and I had to admit her to treatment. So I have seen it from all side, the daughter of an alcoholic, and alcoholic myself and the mother of a child in trouble with drugs. I am well qualified to offer solutions and strategies."


This web site is intended to be used for educational purposes only. Its use does not imply any professional relationship with the authors. Seeking professional help when dealing with an addictions problem is always recommended. Do not rely on this or any other web site to diagnose or exclude the diagnosis of chemical dependency for your child. SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE. The authors only present guidelines on this site and in no way want you to rely solely on this information. There is no one answer or right approach to addictions recovery. Drug or alcohol addiction is a complex disease that can be resistant to treatment.The authors are offering some ideas which may or may not be appropriate for the reader.The ultimate choice of which treatment intervention to use should be decided in conjunction with an addictions recovery professional with whom the reader has a professional relationship The authors assume no liability for any treatment decisions or outcomes by anyone.

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